Welcome to the new era of flexibility .. introducing the Modular Licensing Pathway

Please note that there has been a delay on the progress of this pathway. We will update on expected dates as soon as available.

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! In the coming months you will be able access an alternative pathway to get an aircraft engineer’s license. The introduction of the Modular licensing pathway will allow you to get a Part 66 Modular license (with limitations) sooner and gradually increase the scope of your license as you gain more experience and pass the applicable examinations.

This pathway is ideal if you:

  • wish to specialise and remain within a certain license scope,
  • do not have a strong interest in other aspects of the full category license,
  • do not have access to work experience for all aspects of a full category license.

Maintenance organisations will have flexibility to expand the license scope of their employees to meet the needs of the business.

It is important to note that the full (unrestricted) license as per current legislation will not change. The modular license provides an additional pathway.

Benefits of this Modular Licensing pathway:

  • Employers may be able to employ an apprentice on a license pathway tailored to their workplace
  • A Part 66 Modular license may be achieved sooner, with limitations/exclusions, in workplaces that cannot provide the scope of experience required for a full/unrestricted category license.
  • The license provides a progressive pathway, allowing the license holder to add to the scope of their Initial Modular license.
  • License limitations/exclusions can be progressively removed as the license holder gains additional system experience and passes the applicable exams.

If you are an employer looking to employ an apprentice, someone already working in the industry as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, a foreign license holder, or perhaps seeking to return to the profession after a long absence, this presents an alternative pathway to gain a Part 66 license.

We anticipate that Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisations would be able to support this license pathway early in 2024. Please monitor the Aviation Australia website, Aviation Australia social media and the CASA website for updates and details.

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