Licence Requalification Training

The Requalification course is for CASR Part 66 licensed aircraft maintenance engineers who have not exercised the privileges of their licence for a minimum of 6 months in the preceding 24 months.

This course will enable a LAME who has not met the requirements as highlighted in 66.A.23 of the CASR Part 66 Manual of Standards to re-gain currency.

Open To:

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers


AUD $1,200


1-3 hours (pre-study required)



  • You must submit a certified copy of your CASR Part 66 Licence, a certified Statutory Declaration (detailing your work history in relation to why you have not met the requirement of exercising the privileges of your licence for a minimum of 6 months in the preceding 24 months) and a brief resume (maximum 1 page) must be uploaded at time of enrolment.


  • Enrolments must be received a minimum of 7 days from assessment day to allow for adequate preparation.


  • Access to CASR Part 66 Module 10 – Aviation Legislation self-study training material will be provided 4 weeks prior to course commencement (or upon enrolment confirmation if within 4 weeks). Approximately 8 hours pre-reading is required to prepare for your assessment day.


  • Aviation Australia shall conduct a theory assessment of your regulatory knowledge and an assessment using a range of simulated practical tasks depending on licence(s) or rating(s) held to ensure currency. A CASR Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) report will be issued on successful completion, as per 66.A.23 of the CASR Part 66 Manual of Standards.

Brisbane dates:


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