Fear of Flying Treatment Program for Adults

Open To:


– Minimum age requirement: 18 years old


All sessions are one-on-one and can commence as soon as practical

Course cost: $1,935

If you have any questions that can’t be answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help.


Approximately 4 weeks.



Course Start Dates

This is an on-demand course..

Course Structure

Free, no obligation 10-15 minute phone assessment with a psychologist from Bulimba Psychology. They will discuss your anxiety and determine the suitability of the course specifically for you.

A face-to-face consultation with A psychologist from Bulimba Psychology, designed to identify the actual cause of your anxiety and fear and commence your treatment process.

Approximate duration:
1.5 hours

This is a classroom-based, interactive learning session with an experienced Airline Pilot. Clients will be introduced to the fundamentals of aviation, flight and the general safeguards in place in modern airline travel. We have found this to be an extremely valuable part of the program, where clients can really focus and discuss their issues around flying with a highly experienced aviation professional.

Approximate duration:
1.5 hours

Further session/s with the Psychologist to prepare for you in facing your fears. You will learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies which will challenge your thinking style and behaviour around flying.

Approximate duration:
90 Minutes

Once the Psychologist is comfortable with your progress, you will be introduced to the flight simulator and ‘Flight Deck’ component of the course. You can participate as a co-pilot or a passenger – whatever you feel comfortable with! You will always be flying with the aid of a commercial pilot and the Psychologist.

Approximate duration:
1.5 hours

The simulator session will involve one of the Modules listed below, which are designed to target particular situations related to a Fear of Flying.
These include:

  • The Aircraft and Cockpit Environment
  • Flying Fundamentals, Take-offs and Landings
  • Adverse Weather Conditions, Considerations and Precautions
  • Typical Airline Sector Flight

Frequently Asked Questions

The psychology sessions are conducted at our valued partner, Bulimba Psychology.

The simulator session is in the Boeing 737 simulator in Aviation Australia Brisbane Campus.

We offer the chance of a free telephone consultation with one of our Psychologists who will discuss your particular anxiety. They will only recommend you proceed with the course if in their opinion, they can treat your anxiety.

Unfortunately, as with most anxieties, there can be no guarantees of success. However as mentioned above we have extremely high success rates and are very thorough with the treatment program. The course covers everything we feel is important and due to its structure of sessions (subject to availability), we can spend plenty of time focusing on your individual issues.

Close to 100% of clients report managing better than they had in the past and all of our feedback has been extremely positive.  The outcomes rely to a large extent on how much people are willing to try out new techniques and challenge themselves. No negative feedback has been received.

We are available ‘on demand’. It’s simply a matter of deciding which is best for you – contact us in arranging your first phone assessment with our valued partner, Bulimba Psychology for more information.

The course sessions are detailed on the Course Structure tab above. We recommend approximately four (4) weeks to complete the course, based on one session a week, but this can be shortened our extended based on yours and the Psychologists availability or the need to complete earlier due to an upcoming flying trip.