Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum – RVSM (AA-46)

The purpose of this course is to provide initial training to maintenance personnel with an awareness of the concept and implementation of RVSM operations in accordance with CAR 1988 and CASR 1998.

As laid out in 145.A.30 of the EASA and CASA Part 145 regulations; organisations have to establish and control the competence of personnel involved in any maintenance, development of maintenance programmes, airworthiness reviews, management and/or quality audits.  Although this training is not mandatory, if your organisation is involved with RVSM compliant aircraft and related job-function-expertise is required; initial and continuation training would be required.

Open To:

Domestic & International Students


AUD $120


4 Hours – Self paced



This course is for all personnel involved in any maintenance, management and/or quality auditing within the maintenance environment.