CASR Part 66 A Licence

To satisfy CASA for the grant, under CASR Part 66, of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AMEL) in sub-category A1, A2, A3 or A4 – candidates must meet the CASR Part 66 basic knowledge, competency and practical experience requirements as laid out in 66.A.25 and 66.A.30 of the CASR Part 66 Manual of Standards.

The requirements for the CASR Part 66 A1, A2, A3 and A4 Licence sub-categories align with the requirements for the Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance MEA20518, meaning both a Licence and AQF Qualification can be achieved with Aviation Australia.

Open To:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

  • Initial RPL report – $660 (Incl. GST)
  • Final RPL report – $660 (GST exempt)

Duration of gap training will be determined based on evidence provided

When enrolling for your Initial RPL report please confirm, in the notes section, which sub-category of licence you are pursuing.

Your Initial RPL report will confirm the requirements you must complete in order to be issued with the CASR Part 66 A1, A2, A3 or A4 sub-category Licence and the Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance MEA20518. 

Requirements will include:

  • CASR Part 66 Basic Knowledge Modular Examinations and Essays for category of licence sought – 66.A.25
  • National Aeroskills Competencies (MEA units of competency) for category of licence sought – 66.A.25

Basic practical experience requirements for the sub-category of licence sought will apply, per 66.A.30 of the CASR Part 66 Manual of Standards. 

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licenses (local and/or foreign) 
  • Company authorisation/approvals 
  • Letters of endorsement of privileges exercised (QA) 
  • Licensing examination results. (Mandatory for countries where the pass mark is less than 75% such as, New Zealand, China, USA/FAA, Canada, etc.) 
  • Australian (VET) Qualifications and associated Statements of Attainment 
  • Workplace service letters 
  • Resume 

Please do not upload any practical logbooks (SOE/JOE) as part of your Initial RPL application.

NOTE – Upload restrictions: Individual file maximum size is 5120kB and 10MB total per online application.

CASR Part 66 CAT A – Initial RPL Report