If you love the idea of flying or simply having the opportunity to work in a diverse and innovative space then aviation should be in your future career plans. There are many reasons people are pursuing a career in the rapidly growing aviation and aerospace industry and we have put together the top 5 from our recent graduates.

Here are our top 5 from some of our graduates.


1. In-Demand Skills

Australia is experiencing a severe shortage of aviation personnel and the situation is growing worse. A report from the Expert Panel on Aviation Skills & Training in Australia explained the current shortage of qualified pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers and how it is a global problem and a major issue for Australia’s aviation system.

2. Travel the World

Contract and permanent jobs can require travelling to countries all over the world in just one week, with time in between shifts giving opportunities to see the sights. Most companies also offer travel schemes that come with heavily discounted standby flights and even free tickets.

3. Exciting, Ever-Changing Industry

The nature of aerospace and aviation is always moving, changing and improving.

4. Financial rewards

Based on current data from Seek Australia an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can earn anywhere from AUD $60,000 to $120,000 per annum.

5. You never stop learning

Aircraft engineers get to work on some of the newest and most powerful flying machines on earth. The diversity of aircraft flying today means you will always have something interesting at your fingertips.