The FAME Opportunity

Aviation Australia is calling likeminded Corporate Partners committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion to actively promote change and invest in future generations.

The FAME program works to attract, retain, and promote more female aircraft maintenance engineers.  Of the 9643 Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) in Australia, only 113 are female.  That is less than 1.5% females represented on the hangar floor.

The Aviation industry, in particular Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) are experiencing skills shortages, and we as an industry need to work collectively to strengthen the talent pipeline and retain this specialist skills set.

Along with early student engagement through our VET in Schools Certificate II course, Aviation Australia is also working to grow female AME participation in response to addressing the skilling shortages.

In addition to building social equity internally and externally, our FAME Industry Partners have generated distinct advantages from aligning with the program, including recruiting from a pool of competently trained, diverse candidates for AME roles; positive employee, customer, community, and industry engagement; and enhanced brand reputation.

With brand globalization, there is an increasing expectation of organizations to reflect the diversity of society. We know within the Aviation industry that diverse teams bring different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving and innovation. Aviation Australia and our FAME Partners have enjoyed increased business performance, problem solving, innovation, and responsiveness.  Central to all operations, is building a sustainable and inclusive environment.

2024 is set to be a year of expansion for FAME.  Now in its third year since inception, the FAME program will now actively connect every female apprentice, Certificate IV student and school-based trainee undertaking Aeroskills across Australia. Together, we will achieve this through challenging traditional stereotypes, eliminating stigmas, removing unconscious bias, systemic barriers and privileges that cause under representation and create an industry wide culture of inclusion through education, awareness raising and greater understanding.

How can you inspire change?

Become a FAME Partner and work with us to equip women with the knowledge, skills and training needed to excel in AME roles; assist with addressing the skills shortage issue and contribute to the Aviation Industry’s shared goals of creating an industry where participants feel valued and included, employees are treated fairly and provided with equal opportunities, and women in AME roles are given the support to grow and thrive.

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