Part 66 Training

Train with the largest CASR and EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organisation in Australia.

Aviation Australia holds approval to conduct CASR and EASA Part 66 basic knowledge training and examinations. We also deliver a range of practical competency training & assessment, self-study options and Recognition of Prior Learning for aircraft maintenance engineering outcomes.

Aviation Australia’s CASR and EASA Part 66 training and assessments are also recognised by the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA).

Short Courses


  • Remove and install miscellaneous aircraft electrical hardware/ components, fabricate and/or repair aircraft electrical hardware or parts, & use electrical test equipment – MEA201, MEA246 & MEA296
  • Oxygen and pressurisation – MEA208, MEA209, MEA219 & MEA222
  • Air cycle air conditioning – MEA303 & MEA310
  • Aircraft Structural Repairs, Inspect, Repair, Assess & Maintain – MEA339 & MEA365


  • Remove and install advanced aircraft electrical system components – MEA203
  • Inspect aircraft electrical systems and components – MEA223
  • Test and troubleshoot aircraft electrical systems and components – MEA227
  • Inspect, test and troubleshoot aircraft inertial navigation and reference systems and components – MEA233
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting in aircraft avionic maintenance – MEAAVI0030
  • Fibre optic cable repair – MEAAVI0043
  • Advanced troubleshooting electrical – MEA294
  • Remove and install aircraft pneumatic system components – MEA303
  • Remove and install aircraft components – pressurised airframe – MEA317
  • Advanced troubleshooting (mechanical) – MEA323
  • Weight and balance – MEA325
  • Structural repairs airframe – MEA339
  • Remove and install avionic LRU (line replacement units) – MEA343
  • Air conditioning – vapour cycle – MEA362
  • Borescope – MEAMEC0053
  • Composite repairs – Equivalent to MEA405
  • Apply Regulations to Prevent Ozone Depleting Substance & Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Composite Repair Techniques
  • Effective Leadership for Maintenance
  • Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
  • Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
  • MEA320 (Practical competency assessment)

Licence Exclusion Removal Training

Aviation Australia delivers theory and practical training for E1, E4, E5 and E12 exclusions. These courses are designed to meet all requirements necessary to remove the exclusions from your CASR Part 66 B1 category licence.

E1, E4 and E5

Excluding electrical systems; electrical sub-system of mechanical, powerplant or structural systems; and instrument sub-systems of mechanical, powerplant or structural systems

These courses are also suitable for DASR66 B1 MAML holders to remove E1, E6.1, E44 and E60 exclusions.


Propeller exclusion


Cross Category Practical Training

These courses deliver practical training & assessment for those pursuing an additional category on their CASR Part 66 B1 or B2 licence.

Practical competency training courses:

  • B2 to B1.1
  • B2 to B1.3
  • B1 to B2

Licence Requalification Training

The Requalification course is for CASR Part 66 licensed aircraft maintenance engineers who have not exercised the privileges of their licence for a minimum of 6 months in the preceding 24 months.

This course will enable a LAME to maintain currency for their licence(s) or rating(s).


CASR Part 66 Module 10 – Aviation Legislation

CASR Part 66 Module 10 is one of the basic knowledge modules required in order to be eligible to apply for a CASR Part 66 A or B Category Licence.

CASR Part 66 Module 16 – Piston Engine

CASR Part 66 Module 16 – Piston Engine is one of the basic knowledge modules required to be eligible to apply for a CASR Part 66 A2, A4, B1.2 or B1.4 Licence.


Type Training

Under its Part 147 approvals, Aviation Australia offers CASA and EASA aircraft Type Training courses and OJT logbooks.

Part 66 Exams & Study Material

Aviation Australia is approved to conduct CASR and EASA Part 66 Basic Knowledge Examinations for A and B Category Licences. Aviation Australia’s Part 66 Self-Study Training Material can be purchased online.

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