Certificate III in Aircraft Surface Finishing (MEA30118)

This qualification applies to employees of aircraft maintenance organisations, or of specialist aircraft surface finishing organisations who are required to prepare the surfaces of aircraft and aircraft components for the application of surface finishes, apply paint, specialist finishes and decals or stencils. Also required for the application of aircraft registration markings, national markings and organisational logos.

This qualification articulates with the current MEA40918 Certificate IV in Aircraft Surface Finishing and the common units provide a number of credits towards other Aeroskills qualifications at Certificate III and IV levels.

Open To:

Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) Employees

  • Initial RPL report – $660 (Incl. GST) 
  • Final RPL report – $660 (GST exempt) 

Duration of gap training will be determined based on evidence provided

This qualification will enable students to conduct:

Preparation of the surfaces of aircraft and aircraft components and subsequent application of:

  •  Surface finishes;
  •  Paint;
  •  Specialist finishes and decals or stencils;
  •  Aircraft registration markings;
  •  National markings; and
  •  Organisational logos.
  • Resume 
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s licenses (local and/or foreign) 
  • Company authorisations/approvals 
  • Letters of endorsement of privileges exercised (QA) 
  • Australian (VET) Qualifications and Statements of Attainment 
  • Part 66 theory results (EASA, CASA, GCAA) from Approved Part 147 organisations
  • CASA Basic (CAR31) exam results 
  • Licensing exam results  
  • Workplace service letters 
  • Trade certificates and qualifications
  • Training certificates (type training, skills training) 
  • Qualification certificates (Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, etc.) 
  • Company training records 

Please do not upload any practical logbooks (SOE/JOE) as part of your Initial RPL application.

NOTE – Upload restrictions: Individual file maximum size is 5120kB and 10MB total per online application.

MEA30118 Certificate III in Aircraft Surface Finishing – Apprentice Option

If you are an apprentice looking to complete our Certificate III Aircraft Surface Finishing course, you can complete this course at our Brisbane campus.