Category B2 Avionics Extension Course (Expression of Interest)

If you have successfully completed and received an EASA Category B1 Mechanical Certificate of Recognition for the Approved Course, you may choose to broaden your skills by enrolling in the Category B2 Avionics Extension course.

Being qualified in both Category B1 (Mechanical) and B2 (Avionics) will improve your versatility and employability. You will be able to troubleshoot and repair a broader range of aircraft systems and have more oversight of how the mechanical and avionics components work together. This is where the future of aviation is heading!

Open To:

International and Domestic Students


AUD $15,000*


22 Weeks



Study mode:


CRICOS code:


Course Dates:

*Payment plans are available.

  • English Language Proficiency:
    Academic IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent) with no sub band score less than 5.0. Aviation Australia accepts these approved English language equivalent tests. Testing must have been completed within 2 years from the enrolment application date.
  • B1 Mechanical Certificate of Recognition for the Approved Course

All documentation supplied must be certified and translated (in full) to English. The front page of the Enrolment Application Form details this requirement.

  • Complete the Aviation Australia International Enrolment Form
  • Provide certified copies of all documentation
  • Contact your nearest Registered Agent
  • If accepted, receive a Letter of Offer (LOO)
  • Accept offer and arrange payment
  • Receive Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
  • Commence the course with Aviation Australia (subject to visa approval)

Items included in course price

  • Course Delivery
  • Textbooks; Workbooks; Logbooks
  • Examination Fees (regulatory Examination resit fees and CASA exams not included)
  • Uniforms (1 x Safety Boots; 2 x Trousers; 3 x Shirts)
  • Safety Equipment (1 x Safety Glasses; 1 x Ear Muffs)

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, you will receive:

  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Certificate of Recognition
  • Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Certificate of Recognition (optional add-on for $300)

These outcomes are highly regarded by airlines and Maintenance Repair Organisations (MROs) all over the world.

To qualify for an EASA / GCAA Licence, you will need to show an additional two years’ on the job training at an approved MRO.


Job Prospects

Graduating students with a further two years’ experience (minimum) can apply for their category licence. They would then be eligible for the following roles:

  • Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME/LAE) – Avionics TB2
  • Avionic Technician
  • Aircraft Mechanic, Maintenance
  • Maintenance Planner