You have your Commercial Pilot’s Licence and Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) as do many others. What’s your winning move in securing your dream job?

Completing Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) training is the next step in your professional pilot career. Here are the top five reasons why you should do your MCC course now.

1. Enhance your employment prospects

The competition for airline selection is fierce – stand out from the crowd with a qualification others may not have.

2. Show your prospective employer that you’re serious about an AIRLINE career

You’ve invested so much in your training to date, why are you missing out on this important step?

3. MCC is NOT just a qualification

During training you will explore advanced practical human factors in regular line operations as well as emergency situations. You will operate a twin engine jet aircraft, based on a 737-800 in both pilot flying and pilot monitoring roles. This will take your professional skills to the next level.

4. Impress in your airline interview

The knowledge and skills you gain during your MCC course will be invaluable in airline interviews and simulator assessments. Your knowledge of airline jet operations as well as your proven ability to work in a Multi Crew environment will increase your confidence and your performance.

4. You need an MCC to qualify for your ATPL

CASA regulations state that you must have an MCC to gain your ATPL license – why not get this done now?


Aviation Australia is the country’s leading provider of MCC training. Your instructors all have extensive experience in airline training. As well as providing excellent training, instructors are able to offer guidance and advice for advancing your career.

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