It is always great to see how our Aircraft Maintenance Engineering training provides the foundation for many exciting careers. We were lucky to catch up with past student Matt Veitch from Standard Aero and find out where aviation has taken him.

“Aviation Australia was basically the stepping stone for my career in aviation.

My name is Matt Veitch, my pathway into aviation was a Cert II in airframe engines. From the Cert II, I got an apprenticeship as an aircraft engineer and from there I started at Aviation Australia and completed my Cert IV in airframe engines.

My current position at Standard Aero is Field Service Engineering Manager, and I have currently been with Standard Aero for 18 years.

What I love most about my job is the travel, I’ve been to over 65 countries, well over 150 major cities. It’s just something that I really enjoy.

Aviation Australia is a valuable pathway for young students wanting to get into an aviation career and just provides you with all the tools and mechanisms to achieve your goals.

I am very lucky and grateful for that the one career path that I did choose ended up being the one that I love”.

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