Sometimes studying can be stressful. You can feel overwhelmed, lethargic, panicky or just exhausted from the mental load of it all.

We get it. Throw in a pandemic, and at some point, over the last few months you’ve probably felt very tense, and perhaps questioned whether you should even continue your studies. Rest assured these are all normal feelings – temporary – but still powerful when they’re occupying brain space.


We have put together five stress-busting ideas, which will help you refocus and refresh, and fill your head with positive thoughts about your coursework.


1. Disconnect from tech and manage your tech/screen time. If your thumb is starting to hurt that’s a good sign you need a break from scrolling Instagram/reading all of those news articles about COIVD-19.


2. De-clutter your workspace often, or at the end of the day. De-cluttering can reduce stress and provides a sense of control and achievement.


3. Exercise, do weights, go for a walk with a friend or your dog. Listen to a funny or light-hearted podcast – do something that will take your mind off study and stressful life events and instead brings about some laughter and joy.


4. Go into nature and listen to the sounds, smell the fresh scents, or play some relaxing music. Alternatively, make something creative for your friend – like a card. Mindfulness, focusing on just one singular thing, will help you to reduce stress.


5. Download the ‘Smiling Mind’ App – it features guided meditations and is all about balance – developed by psychologists.


If you’re not coping and the stress is prolonged, we encourage you to speak with your GP. Aviation Australia accommodates ‘life’, its commitments, and its bumps, so please don’t be afraid to discuss your situation with your teacher and an Aviation Australia Counsellor or Support Officer. We are here for you.